Happy Tails

Happy Tails

He’s (Fergus AKA Peanut) a sweet boy,  loves to snuggle (on his terms of course) and has taken to trying to nurse off my neck, usually at bedtime and 5am,  just like his weirdo brother Leo.  He’s full of mischief as evidenced by posing on my kitchen counter, digging in my potted plants, and ruining a pair of flats that he thought tasted delicious.  He and Leo like to go outside to pounce on bugs, pluck moths out of the air, and just bask in the fresh air and sunshine.  They do everything together and meow when separated.  Just what I had hoped for so Bailey could get some relief!  -Aimee
I hope you and the Best Together family are doing well. Congratulations on the receiving non-profit organization status, that’s so exciting!!
I wanted to give you an update on Gibson (now Finn). He’s THRIVING!! Finn is such a fun, playful little guy and he’s been doing really really well here! He loves playing, following around, and napping with Momo. It took her a few days to get used to having Finn around, but she warmed up to him pretty quickly and loves her new role as big sister! She’s been teaching Finn how to clean himself, burry his poop, play nice and even tried to show him how to get down from the cat tree!
Right now him and Zach are napping in the couch together while Momo helps me study for finals (pic below).

Thank you again for everything! Finn is the perfect addition to our little family, we love his SO MUCH and he seems to feel the same way about us! We wish you & the Better Together family all the best!

Warmest wishes,

Zach, Lauren, Momo & Finn
Betty & Matt | Adopted September 2019

We have loved every second of her in our home! Her and Raider have been just fine! Thanks again for picking us!!!! – Jennie

“Thank you guys so much. I’ve even converted some of my friends into cat lovers cause she’s (Monet) so friendly and loving around them.” -Mario