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11 Replies to “Because life is better, together.”

  1. I got my Hawkeye Sue in April 2019, Hawkeye is smart and playful. She loves playing soccer with her toys. Very active cat, very much a teenager. Love her

  2. I recently adopted Dani (female kitten), now Salem, and Chessie (female 2yr) from Better Together Animal Rescue. I was impressed with their rescue. I could really feel the heart and soul put into all of the cats to help them thrive and succeed. They were also so generous with kitty blankets, treats, and food samples to help the cats transition from the shelter to their new forever home. Thank you so much!

  3. Do you need anyone to walk any of the dogs once a week?
    If so, how does that work?
    I like to hike and snow ski, and would be glad to take a dog with me when I can.
    I live in La Porte City.

    1. Hi there,

      Thank you so much for your interest and willingness to assist. We are cat only at this time and don’t have dogs. Please e-mail us if you’re still looking for an organization to volunteer with and we would be happy to send you names of several local rescues.

  4. Out cat of 14 years died in August
    Looking for a calm lap cat.
    We are both retired and home bodies. Not much for traveling.

  5. Bruno looks like a good cat to have in our home. He would be an indoor cat he would would get a lot of love and attention. We don’t have any other pets or children.

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